Retrieving your Conformed Copies and Proofs of Service has never been easier! One of the advantages of using Rapid Legal is that we return your Conformed Copies and Proofs of Service via email so you don’t have to log into your account and retrieve them yourself. However, we also store them in your account for safekeeping so you can access them there anytime you wish.

Another Rapid Legal advantage is that we keep you informed of your order every step of the way until it’s completed. In fact, many of our customers love how frequently and consistently we communicate with them regarding their order(s) so they always know what’s going on.

As an example, here’s what to expect when you place a Court Filing order with Rapid Legal and how to retrieve your Conformed Copies directly from you email inbox.

Placing your order:

Upon placing your court filing order, you will be notified immediately by email that we have received your documents.

Dispatching your order:

Our document specialists employ Rapid Legal’s “7 Point Accuracy Inspection” and inspect your legal document(s) verifying items such as jurisdictions, case names, signatures and dates. Believe it or not, this is where most customers end up making mistakes so our expert document review is vital to minimizing court clerk rejections. Once the documents have been inspected and verified, they are dispatched to the court runner, typically within the same day the order is placed to be filed that day.

Notification of Status

Once your documents have been received and/or accepted by the clerk, you will be notified that they have been filed. We’ll also let you know when the Conformed Copies will be available for download. Note: They are typically available by 12 p.m. PDT the next day.

Receive your Conformed Copies by email:

Once the Conformed Copies are available for download, Rapid Legal emails them to you and stores a copy in your account’s case file under “Manage Cases”. We also email your Proofs of Service once your Process Serving orders are completed too. Simple as that!