Better eFiling technology. Better eFiler support services. Rapid Legal.

Need to find the right Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP) to partner with for your court? You’ve come to the right place. As a court-certified EFSP, Rapid Legal understands the complexities of successfully deploying an electronic filing solution to establish a common portal for courts, case types and filers. To learn more, contact us today at

Why Courts Choose Rapid Legal:

  • Our streamlined implementation process keeps eFiling projects on-time and on-budget
  • Our turn-key eFiling solution follows industry standards and is highly configurable to evolving local and legislative requirements
  • Our dedicated Product, Engineering and QA teams are available to make required XML changes or troubleshoot issues in real-time
  • Our user-friendly eFiling portal caters to a broad eFiler customer base: indigents, self-represented litigants, attorneys/legal support staff, government entities and more
  • Our world-class customer support, training and educational resources ensure eFiler/court user success

Courts we currently serve:

• Orange County Superior Court eFiling
• San Francisco Superior Court eFiling