Orange County Superior Court to pilot eService for Designated Notices

In an effort to cut costs, the Civil Division will pilot an eService application to allow the court to send out eServices.

Currently, the Orange County court serves documents through postal mail. Effective April 20, 2015, the courts will pilot electronic service of documents to save material, labor and mailing costs. This is to increase service to the public by providing faster delivery of court documents.

The following documents will be electronically served to the parties:

  • Notice of Entry of Judgment (Civil and Small Claims)
  • Notice of Entry of Judgment/Ruling—Small Claims Appeals
  • Notice of Fees
  • Notice of Fees Due—Electronic Filing
  • Notice to Reporter to Prepare Reporter’s Transcript on Appeal
  • Minute orders (when the court clerk is ordered by the court to give notice)

The Civil Unlimited and Complex courtrooms designated to participate in the pilot are:

  1. Judge Moss – CX 102
  2. Judge Claster – C 18
  3. Judge Dunning – CX 104
  4. Judge Sherman – C 24
  5. Judge Schulte – C 6
  6. Judge Horn – C 31
  7. Judge Miller – C14
  8. Judge Glass – C 32

You may view the Court’s notice or call us for assistance.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support at 1-800-366-5445 or email

Thank you, The Rapid Legal Team


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