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10 Reasons Law Firms Choose Rapid Legal

Thousands of law firms, government agencies, and companies across the US choose Rapid Legal as their legal support service provider. Discover the top ten reasons why our legal support service is what your law firm may be missing:

#1 – We Deliver a Top-Notch Customer Experience

Our clients take customer satisfaction as seriously as we do. Rapid Legal delivers legal documents either electronically or physically to courts and parties involved in a case. We’re passionate about service, alert to court rules, and focused on accuracy and speed in getting the job done right. Rapid Legal’s superior expertise, unrivaled speed and accuracy, and exceptional customer care ensure your legal documents are filed and served correctly.

#2 – Streamline Time-Consuming Processes

Court filing and service of process can be complicated. Intricate details require high levels of accuracy and speed in order to get the best results. Filing & Serving may be a small part of what you do – but its 100% of our focus. We know the court rules & requirements so you can focus on your cases, ensuring every step is followed completely.

#3 – Certified Electronic Filing Service Provider

Rapid Legal was one of the first Electronic Filing Service Provider’s (“EFSP”) in California. As an early adopter and certified EFSP, customers can trust Rapid Legal to be compliant with all current eFiling standards and experts in the industry.

#4 – Customer Support from a Person, Not a Machine

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of customer service from knowledgeable professionals, not computers or auto attendants. Each of our customer service team members is well acquainted with court rules and know how to help you get the most from our services.

#5 – Many Legal Services, One Login

Court eFiling, Physical Court Filing, Process Serving, Records Retrieval – one account gives you access to all of Rapid Legal’s services. For example, if a customer needs to eFile a document to a court, the user interface and workflow will both process the eFiling order and permit the user to submit a service of process order in the same workflow.

#6 – Rapid Legal Makes On-boarding Effortless

More legal firms are ditching the printing and preparing documents for pick-up and delivery method in lieu of placing orders online. However, making a full switch can seem quite scary for people who aren’t technologically savvy. Rapid Legal’s user-friendly interface can take the fear out of going digital and give you the confidence you need to place orders in the burgeoning online landscape. Plus, we have a support team ready to take your call.

#7 – Longevity and Cutting Edge

Rapid Legal was founded in 1994 as a full-service legal support services firm. Realizing that technology would play a pivotal role in transforming the legal industry, Rapid Legal converted its business in 2004 from a pick-up and delivery business to an online attorney service with a web-based solution.

#8 – Hassle-Free Guarantee Every Time

When we say we’re passionate about service, we mean it! To prove it, we promise that if a service isn’t done right, it’s free. No hassle means no hassle, and we’re committed to deliver.

#9 – Save Valuable Man Hours

Repetitive, time-consuming tasks become a thing of the past with Rapid Legal. Since everything is performed online, you’ll never have to prepare documents for a courier and hope to have it ready in time. Put work hours back into your day and file & serve legal documents on your schedule. In addition, our accuracy inspection is performed by a real person on every document to decrease the chances of your document geting rejected by the court clerk.

#10 – 100% Digital Means Paperless, Time Savings, and Greater Automation

Rapid Legal is the easy way to file and serve legal documents. Our system is based entirely online, giving you 24-hour access to place orders, submit documents online, view job status, retrieve conformed copies and proof of service, and document research anywhere.

Are you ready to streamline your legal services? Create an account today, start placing orders and discover how Rapid Legal can help you run a better law firm.