5 Benefits of Having Your Law Firm on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, one of the most popular professional social networking sites, offers excellent networking opportunities to attorneys or other legal professionals. However, that there are some excellent reasons for your law firm to have its own LinkedIn account as well — here are five of the best benefits to having your firm on LinkedIn.

1. It’s the Easiest Way to Establish an Online Presence

New or small-scale firms often face challenges in designing and implementing an online presence. Ideally, you want your own standalone website where you can market your firm, but this can be a strain on your firm’s resources. An excellent solution to this challenge is to utilize the integrated tools that LinkedIn offers businesses to publish business-related content.

2. It’s an Excellent Supplement to Content Existing Elsewhere

Even if you already have a pre-existing website and blog for your law firm, LinkedIn still offers excellent benefits in that it provides supplementary support to content already in existence elsewhere. In fact, your LinkedIn network can act as a completely new audience for your existing content; simply revise your original content, back-link to your website or blog, and re-publish the newly-adapted content on LinkedIn to maximize its reach.

3. It Provides High Levels of Visibility

Search engine algorithms being what they are, it’s always going to be a fight to ensure your firm’s website is optimized properly. However, having your firm securely ensconced on LinkedIn boosts your visibility thanks to the social network’s already high authority when it comes to search queries. This means any and all content you publish through LinkedIn, including blog posts, will benefit from this heightened visibility.

Additionally, businesses with an active LinkedIn profile may be interpreted to be more professional than those that aren’t by outside observers. Taking the time to create and maintain a profile for your firm demonstrates high levels of professionalism to visitors that may be in need of a law firm.

4. It Puts the “Network” Back Into Social Network

As a platform, LinkedIn provides ample opportunities for users to forge connections outside their network of immediate colleagues. LinkedIn makes it a point to curate content based on user interests, which means that any content you publish through the platform will end up in the feeds of other legal professionals. This will, in turn, drive your firm’s followers on the site, expanding your networking reach and allowing you to forge new, beneficial connections with other legal professionals.

5. It Provides Built-In Data Metrics

LinkedIn provides a suite of built-in data metrics and analytical tools that help you gauge the engagement levels of your posted content. This sort of feedback is crucial in shaping your firm’s marketing strategy on the platform, as you can quickly and easily discern which types of content resonate with your network and which types of content doesn’t. Using these metrics to shift the focus of your content will drive more network connections which, in turn, can lead to the growth of your firm.