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To become an organization that understands its customers so well, we will consistently deliver products and services above customer expectations and better than competitors.

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To propel the legal industry forward through web-based technology.

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Accountability | Excellence | Integrity | Service | Teamwork

We’re serious about customer satisfaction and loyalty

Thousands of law firms, government agencies, and companies across the US choose Rapid Legal as their legal support service partner. We do the legwork so you can focus on your cases. According to our latest satisfaction survey, our customers would recommend Rapid Legal to a friend or colleague for the following reasons:


1 – They trust us for the reliability and timely delivery of their legal documents.
2 – They appreciate the ease and speed of Rapid Legal’s ordering process.
3 – They value the knowledge and care they get from our customer support staff.


When preparing and serving legal documents, mistakes happen that can lead to a case getting dismissed. We pride ourselves on speed and accuracy. Our meticulous document specialists use our “7 Point Accuracy Inspection” checklist and promptly get a hold of you for any discrepancies. We make sure deadlines are met and procedures are followed. Rapid Legal’s superior expertise, unrivaled speed and accuracy, and exceptional customer care ensure court filings and service of process are done right.


When CEO David Nill, first started in the attorney service business a few decades ago, his main focus was on the physical pick-up of legal documents for physical filing to the courts and for service of process. However, even back then, he realized that technology would ultimately play a pivotal role in transforming the industry. Rapid Legal’s transformation to an online attorney service began in 2004. Today, Rapid Legal is one of the nation’s leading online attorney service provider delivering legal documents with unrivaled speed and accuracy. Our software and services help law firms increase their efficiency and productivity while reducing risk and costs.

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Rapid Legal Leadership

We understand the industry and your business

David S. Nill \\ Founder and CEO


Three decades later, David still fervently believes, “Good is never good enough.” Guided by his company’s mission “to propel the legal industry forward through web-based technology,” David is determined to transform the legal landscape. Whether he’s collecting feedback from customers, tweaking Rapid Legal’s portal to streamline the ordering process or driving legislative change for the benefit of courts, law firms, and litigants; one thing’s for sure, you’ll always find David thinking of ways to harness the power of technology to simplify the lives of legal professionals.

30 year veteran of legal support services industry

Past President, Legislative Chairman and Technology Chairman of CALSPro

Past Officer of the Board of Directors for NAPPS

Bill Davidheiser \\ Executive Vice President, Engineering and CTO


His business card might state C-level, but Bill equally prefers to be toiling away writing code. As one of the principal architects of Rapid Legal’s web applications (and everything else technology-related), Bill finds the greatest satisfaction in improving their speed, stability and functionality to meet evolving legal needs and technological developments. One can often find Bill whiteboarding ideas with his team of engineers, programming thousands of lines of code, or training on the elliptical with his phone in hand so as not to miss a minute of productivity.

25 year veteran in the tech space with lots of experience creating and running large-scale Internet solutions

Co-founder and a principal architect of Jobaline Inc., a start-up using web and mobile technology

Previously held executive engineering management positions for both public and private organizations

B.S. in Computer Science and Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona

Jeff Ellis \\ Executive Vice President, Sales and Business Development


As a veteran business development executive, Jeff is well-known for combining his zest for people and problem solving to execute strategies that accelerate revenue growth and capture new markets. He spends most of his time formulating ways Rapid Legal’s technology solutions can deliver value to the legal industry by enabling courts, law firms and service providers to move legal documents with speed and accuracy. In his spare time, you’ll find him reading the latest tech news or a good book, exploring ideas to seize new market opportunities, strumming his guitar, or catching a Buckeyes game.

30+ year veteran in the technology world in strategic and operational roles for private and public companies

Directed various legal services technology initiatives including eFiling and complex litigation document production & review

B.A. and J.D. from The Ohio State University

John Vernagus \\ VP Marketing and Communications


Bringing marketing and public relations experience from a mix of tech-forward service businesses, John helps Rapid Legal ensure its products are positioned to be the “go-to” for law firms, legal departments, and legal support providers. His expertise in customer relationship-building programs marries well with his responsibility for a brand that has long stood for solutions known to be easy, fast, and done right. John comes to work every day with a focus on helping the company connect with clients, earn their next order, and continually exceed expectations. And while he enjoys working round the clock on behalf of Rapid Legal’s effort to propel the industry forward, his personal passions do occasionally put him on the ski slopes, at sporting venues, or pursuing a global travel adventure.

30+ years of marketing, branding and public relations experience

Prior leadership roles at companies ranging in size from early-stage ventures to Fortune 50 enterprises

Veteran of multiple tech-driven business/industry transformations

B.A. and M.B.A. from Michigan State University

Henry Negrete \\ Vice President, Finance and Operations


“Coach ‘em up and turn ‘em loose” is how Henry prefers to help the Rapid Legal teams achieve their goals and objectives. Whether it’s creating and developing new teams or coaching existing teams, his focus is to provide each team member with the knowledge, confidence and tools necessary to deliver Rapid Legal’s services to clients with the speed and accuracy they expect. Understanding that “good is never good enough”, Henry leverages Rapid Legal’s people, processes and systems to help the teams execute to an ever-increasing standard of excellence; continually improving service delivery and customer satisfaction.

20+ years of managing finance and operations technology solutions in a variety of industries

Previously COO of a company that grew from 50 to 500 employees and made the inc5000 each year during his 5 year leadership

Previously held executive management positions for both public and privately held firms

B.S. Degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Finance from San Diego State University

Larry Swain \\ Vice President of Product Integrations


As someone who loves wearing many hats, Larry enjoys the challenge of overseeing product management and service fulfillment at Rapid Legal. While he’s equally comfortable charting a new product direction, working with customers or writing detailed requirements, he’s most interested in helping others be successful. “I believe that when you trust and empower people they will amaze you.” Indeed, creative solutions that help people use technology to improve a business are the things Larry loves working on.

25 year operations and management veteran with 15+ years deploying technology

Previously held executive management positions in customer success & professional services for tech firms

Served 7 years in the US Navy as a Nuclear Submarine Officer

BME from Georgia Tech, MS Civil Engineering from George Washington University

No Hassle Service Guarantee

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eFiling Made Easy

It’s no secret that courts are moving from physical filing to electronic filing (“eFiling”). Are you prepared for this change? Rapid Legal was an early adopter and provider of eFiling services and we’re here to help you eFile in the participating counties in California.

Our easy-to-use Rapid Legal customer portal will guide you through the eFiling process step by step. Create an account to get started.

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Rapid Legal is a certified Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP) serving many California Counties

Submit your Order

Sign up and place an order to file case-related documents online to any participating court

Court Receives Order

We support you through the process to make sure your documents are filed correctly

Filing Complete

Court clerks receive the electronically filed documents and once accepted, notifies the filer

NO HASSLE SERVICE GUARANTEE: If service isn’t done right, it’s free!