Five Ways for Legal Professionals to Boost Productivity: Tip #3

Now that we’ve covered our first two ways for legal professionals to boost their productivity, let’s discuss the third way as we continue this blog article series.

Minimize distractions.

download ebookDistractions are par for the course in the fast-paced, deadline driven legal environment, so learning to manage them is key. In fact, academic studies have found that office workers are interrupted or self-interrupt roughly every 3 minutes as a result of various digital and human factors. Worst yet, it can take up to 23 minutes for a worker to return to the original task. Another study conducted by McKinsey Global Institute found that office workers spend an average of 28% of their time reading and answering emails. That translates to over 2 hours per day or roughly 27 days per year. Yikes!

We all experience it: you get a text on your smartphone, you hear a ping on your computer marking the arrival of a new email, you get a phone call and it’s a client who wants an update on their case; yes, distractions abound and they will never be eliminated.

However, there are certain things you can do to manage them rather than allow the distractions to manage you.

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