Los Angeles Superior Court eFilings in the First Few Weeks

Are you ready for the Court’s next mandatory deadline on January 2, 2019?

Since the launch of eFiling for Limited Civil on November 13, 2018, followed by the launch of eFiling for Unlimited Civil on December 3, over 30,000 cases have already been digitally filed.

We are proud to report that Rapid Legal was fully integrated with the LASC on the first day the platform launched and has served as the Electronic Service Provider of choice for thousands of eFilings in the first few weeks.

While the Court’s overall eFiling rollout has been impressive, there has been a high number of rejections in the early weeks as the court and eFilers become accustomed to the new system and requirements. We strongly recommend Law Firms and Legal Professionals give particular attention to the following areas causing many of the rejections to date:

Party’s name does not match the party’s name listed on the initial lead document
For example: If plaintiff name on the caption of the complaint shows “Jane C. Doe”, then it must be entered to match throughout the eFiling. If defendant name is “John Doe, an individual” it must also be entered to match including “an individual.”

Incorrect case type selected
The case type must match the selection on the Civil Case Cover Sheet.
Incorrect document type selected
If the document is for a “judgment,” then that specific category must be selected. Following that selection, then choose the document title within that category.

Rapid Legal’s Concierge Service is also available as a “white glove” solution for any order you would prefer to not have to compliance check, digitally process and/or troubleshoot on your own.

Looking ahead to immediately after the holidays, take note that Limited Civil and Unlimited Civil cases will become mandatory on January 2, 2019.