No Strings Attached - eFile with Rapid Legal in These California Courts

As always, the great state of California is ahead of the curve when it comes to innovations and technology. In this case, it’s electronic legal document filing — there are a number of courts in California that no longer require documents to be delivered by hand.

The New Normal

The push away from physical court filing is nothing new — it’s well-publicized that electronic court filing (eFiling) has become the preferred or even mandatory method for filing court documents.  However, once this ball gets rolling, it’s going only going to pick up speed. Sooner or later eFiling is going to be the rule instead of the exception, and at that point you’re going to need an expert with plenty of experience in meeting these electronic document filing standards.

Start becoming prepared for the change today. Rapid Legal is the natural choice — we were there at the very beginning of the eFile movement, and we’re proud to have been an early adopter. We’ve developed the skills and the expertise to provide aid in eFiling in 36 of California’s counties, and we’re adding more all the time.

Counties Where Rapid Legal Can eFile for You

The list of where Rapid Legal can provide your legal office with eFiling services is expansive. Here are the counties our comprehensive electronic document filing systems service:

Rapid Legal is a certified Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP). Rely on us to eFile your California court documents quickly, accurately, and as painlessly as possible!

Wrap up

How do you choose the right attorney service provider? It’s important to ensure that you choose the best company for your needs, as it has to be able to provide you the quality level of filing and serving services that you, as a legal professional, require. This can easily become an exhausting process.

For a closer look at how Rapid Legal has both the skills and the expertise to provide you the court eFiling, physical filing and process serving services you require, check out our complete offering.