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CHINO HILLS, CA, — April 1, 2024 – Rapid Legal, a pioneer in transforming the legal industry through superior performance and innovation, today announced its celebration of three decades of groundbreaking achievements that have reshaped how the legal community exchanges electronic documents, information, and payments.

The roots of Rapid Legal can be traced back to a one-car garage in Southern California where David Nill, Rapid Legal Founder and CEO, opened an attorney service. The small staff operation quickly grew into a staff of 20 employees leading to its procurement of a Los Angeles-area office and its incorporation as Rapid Legal in 1994.

Since its beginning, Rapid Legal has led the charge to advance the entire legal industry toward an efficient and paperless future, beginning with its own transformation in 2004 from a traditional pick-up-and-delivery paper model into an online and ecommerce attorney service.

“I saw how the Internet was revolutionizing the way people bought and sold services and I knew it was the future,” David Nill says. “I wanted our law firm customers to have the convenience of opening accounts, placing and managing orders, as well as paying for their orders online, so I hired a software engineer to build a technology platform that did exactly that.”

The move helped legal professionals break out of the hours-long traditional method of filing and serving paper documents. It gave them a portal in which they could create accounts and place orders online for filing and serving legal documents in just minutes. It also signaled the start of Rapid Legal leading the industry in a digital transformation for eFiling with the introduction of Orange County Superior Court in 2013; followed by additional courts in the subsequent years and, finally, the rollout of the LegalConnect litigation support service platform in 2016.

These milestones set the stage for legal professionals everywhere to file and serve court documents 24/7 from anywhere using an internet connection.

“While we are proud of our technological capabilities, Rapid Legal is more than that. We view technology as an enabler to deliver time-sensitive legal documents with greater speed and accuracy. But it’s really our people, their dedication and expertise, that sets us apart and allows us to provide superior performance in the delivery of litigation support services to our customers,” said David Nill.

Today, Rapid Legal is using its innovation engine to power industry partnerships that integrate the time-saving features of leading legal software manufacturers Clio, NetDocuments, and iManage directly into Rapid Legal’s platform. These integrations mean legal professionals can access files stored in their law firm’s document management system or practice management system without leaving the Rapid Legal portal.

“Integrating top productivity features from the industry’s most popular products into our own customer portal removes barriers and saves valuable time. Law offices are famously deadline-driven environments, so this is great news for time-strapped legal professionals,” explains Larry Swain, VP of Platform Integrations.

Rapid Legal is also expanding geographically throughout the United States. The company recently launched its services in Texas and plans to expand throughout 2024 into Maryland, Indiana, Illinois, Florida, and New York, with more states to come. What’s more, Rapid Legal plans to release its highly anticipated next generation (NextGen) technology platform, which will deliver the legal industry’s highest level of performance in electronic court documents, information, and payments. NextGen also promises more robust analytics and data for its legal professional users that will help inform their business side of law.

As the trailblazing California company celebrates its three-decade journey, Rapid Legal has already turned its focus on pioneering innovations for the next 30 years. Those transformations will be powered by Rapid Legal’s deep industry expertise and its investment in new technologies and services; assuring legal professionals, law firms, and the courts can effectively respond to the evolving field of law for many years to come.

About Rapid Legal

Rapid Legal is a premium legal technology company that automates the processing of legal documents for law firms. Headquartered in Chino Hills, California, the company is a leading certified eFiling service provider for all California and Texas eFiling courts. Combining deep industry expertise, superior performance, and innovative technology, Rapid Legal is transforming the way the legal community exchanges electronic documents, information, and payments, to streamline how law firms manage work, and for the effective and expeditious administration of justice. For more information, please visit https://rapidlegal.com and connect with us on Linkedin and Facebook.

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