Santa Clara Family Justice

Effective immediately, the Santa Clara Family Clerk’s Office accepts the following domestic violence (DV) orders after hearing via eFile. The Court directs filers to use the filing codes specified below to ensure an envelope is directed to the proper queue.

  • Use filing code DV Continuance After Hearing to submit the Order on Request to Continue Hearing (form DV-116).
  • Use filing code Order: Restraining Order After Hearing to submit the Restraining Order After Hearing (form DV-130).
  • Use filing code Request: Renew Restraining Order: Amended to submit the amended Notice of Hearing to Renew Restraining Order (form DV-710).
  • Use filing code Order: Renew Restraining Order to submit the Order to Renew Domestic Violence Restraining Order (form DV-730).

The Court reports that the above-listed DV orders after hearing will be accepted unfiled, forwarded to the Judicial Officer for signature and E-served back to the email address listed on the document. The Court further notes that this final copy will contain the Judicial Officer’s signature and electronic filing stamp.

For further information about eFiling in Santa Clara Court an Electronic Filing page and a Forms and Filing FAQ page are available on the Court’s website.

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