Tips + Reminders From Our Operations Team

Alameda County – JCCP cases continue to be drop box only. For faster filing and return the court clerks request that the Alameda case number and JCCP case number appear on the caption page.

Contra Costa County Superior Court – A filing window specifically for runners close at 12 noon.

Kern County Superior Court – The court will receive documents in proposed orders. Once signed, the court will return the documents directly via email.

Placer County Superior Court – For case initiation: If uploading documents in addition to the complaint, upload the complaint first. By doing this, the options for summons and civil case cover sheet will populate. If the complaint is not uploaded first users will not be able to find selections for other documents, such as a summons.

San Diego County Superior Court – A known bug in the SDSC system pulls up first appearance fees on subsequent filings. To avoid unnecessary charges, users may add notes in the order details tab to state that first appearance fees have already been paid.

Sacramento Superior Court – Filings are received in only and conformed copies are returned to the runner once processed. The court is running 8 weeks behind.

Rapid Legal is now integrating with law firm systems to help automate legal processes related to litigation support services.
Rapid Legal is now integrating with law firm systems to help automate legal processes related to litigation support services

Helpful Reminders

  • The deadline for court documents that exceed 100 pages is 1 hour earlier than normal deadline.
  • Efile orders cannot be cancelled or edited.
  • Fees Tab – You must enter the correct fee amount in this tab or your order will be rejected. Fees are not automatically paid to the court by selecting the option to authorize Rapid Legal to advance fees.
  • Subpoena Witness Fee – Be sure you know when The Code of Civil Procedure of California requires a witness fee for a subpoena.
  • Family Law FAQ – Filing in Los Angeles Superior Court Family Law? This is everything you need to know.
  • Service of Process Bad Address – Service of Process orders sent to a bad address will be held for 3 days. Rapid Legal customers may provide a new address during this 3-day period before the order is closed.
  • Conformed Documents – Can’t find your conformed documents in the Rapid Legal user portal? Before you give up look at your closed tab or try adjusting the date filter.
  • Know the Differences Between an LLC and a Corporation – LLC stands for Limited Liability Company and is an association of members specified by the corporation code. Service is completed under CCP 416.40 association or partnership.A Corporation is a legal entity that is separate and distinct from its owners. Service is completed under CCP 416.10 corporation.Companies that are set up as LLCs or corporations are registered with the California Secretary of State and are served under the California Code of Civil Procedure.