The Complete Beginners Guide to eFiling

This is the 2nd post in our 3 part series created to answer the question, “What CA courts are moving to eFiling and when?” To view the first post which covered eFiling with Orange County and LA County courts, check this page CA Court eFiling Requirements – Part One.

Here in Part Two, we bring you the current state of eFiling in Riverside and San Francisco Counties.

Please note: This information is current as of January 2015. While we’ve made every attempt to verify its accuracy, you should always consult CCP, local court rules and/or CA Rules of Court. Also, this is only information, not legal advice.

San Francisco County Superior Court

December 8, 2014: San Francisco County Superior Court (SFSC) mandates e-filing for General Civil Actions (including Asbestos, Probate Trust (case numbers that being with “PTR”) and Complex Litigation cases — subsequent filings. Initial pleadings are NOT subject to mandatory eFiling, at this time. It is important to note that limited Unlawful Detainer (UD) Small Claims and Probate Cases – except Trust cases – are not subject to mandatory eFiling requirements.

Need more detail about the local requirements for San Francisco? The eFiling rules are contained in San Francisco Superior Court (SFSC) Local Rule 2.10.

Take note, the following must be submitted in paper form:

Documents issued by the Court, Summons, Order of Examination, Writs, Abstracts; Bonds, Fee Waiver Applications, DMV Certifications, and Sealed Documents. (See SFSC Local Rule 2.10R).

Self-represented parties and non-parties may efile, but are not required to do so. In Probate Trust cases, however, once a self-represented litigant chooses to e-file, such chosen filing method must be used exclusively in that case. (See SFSC Local Rule 14.100 (B))

Is your process server fumbling your legal documents?
Is your process server fumbling your legal documents?

Can you place your eFiling orders through Rapid Legal? Yes.

Rapid Legal has been granted access to the San Francisco Superior Court’s e-filing portal for all subsequent civil case eFilings.

You can now place your San Francisco eFiling by logging onto your Rapid Legal account and placing a Court Filing order and selecting San Francisco as your jurisdiction. Rapid Legal will verify whether or not your documents are required to be filed electronically or hand delivered and file them on your behalf accordingly.

If you have any questions, give our team a call at 800.366.5445!

Courtesy Copies:

  • In Civil cases, courtesy copies are required under SFLR 2.10(T).
  • In Probate Trust cases, courtesy copies are required under SFLR 14.100(F).

Worth Noting!

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With Rapid Legal’s order-assisted e-Filing, you may at the same time request and obtain conformed copies.  With the San Francisco Court’s current eFiling configuration, an eFiler still has to have someone separately go to the Court to get any conformed copies.

Still not sure about all of this?  Feel free to contact our team!  You may also view the Court’s answers to many of the most pressing questions – Check out their FAQs here.