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Rapid Legal’s portal, powered by LegalConnect®, the industry-leading litigation support service management platform, is used by thousands of legal professionals to have their litigation support services – eFiling, physical court filing, process serving, and more – fulfilled for their law firms and clients.

Whether it’s syncing invoicing data directly from Rapid Legal to your financial system, accessing documents from your document management system, leveraging our eFiling APIs to further streamline your firm’s electronic filing process, and more, modern law firms are now seeking Rapid Legal’s full technology capabilities and partnerships to achieve organizational efficiencies, reduce costs, and free firm resources for higher value work.

Our Technology Partners

Our Technology Partners

NetDocuments logo

Seamlessly upload and download documents from NetDocuments for your eFilings, saving time and enhancing ROI for the firm.

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Easily access documents for your eFilings from iManage, saving time for your legal teams.

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Enhance the way your firm distributes court documents in electronic court filing (EcF) notices for state and federal courts and administrative agencies.

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