Anita Pasillas, Sr. Customer Success Manger, is named 2021 CALSPro Member of the Year.

Pasillas is a paralegal and has been employed with Rapid Legal since 2010. She has been a member of CALSPro for 10 years, served on CALSPro’s Board of Directors, and has been the organization’s Newsletter Chair.

Pasillas says she joined CALSPro because she felt the organization would help her become more familiar with the industry and allow her to be involved with CALSPro members who had years of experience in the legal field and expertise in a variety of areas that was up to date and differed from her own.

Likewise, Pasillas says, she felt that membership in CALSPro would keep her apprised of legislative activities that affected herself and other members, in addition to protecting the community of legal support professionals.

“What we do within CALSPro is vital to the work and careers of legal support professionals,” Pasillas says. “As an organization, we protect our industry and communicate with members to make sure they are in the know and don’t miss any changes in the rules whether it be filing, service or process, or any consideration that affects them in their line of work.”

Rapid Legal delivers unrivaled process serving for law firms and legal departments
Rapid Legal delivers unrivaled process serving for law firms and legal departments

Pasillas notes that being a member of CALSPro and having the opportunity to work with individuals who had extensive backgrounds in the legal industry gave her a greater in-depth understanding of the process, rules of the court, and how to apply them.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by CALSPro and also to be able to represent Rapid Legal in this community of my peers,” Pasillas says.