CA Court eFiling Requirements

eFiling rejections continue to plague legal professionals, potentially causing missed statutory deadlines or jeopardized cases.

There are several common reasons court eFiling rejections occur:

  • Party’s name does not match the name listed on the initial lead document
  • Incorrect case type has been selected
  • Incorrect document type has been selected
  • Wrong case number has been listed somewhere on the filing
  • Wrong court location has been selected
  • Issues with the filing itself, like uploading the wrong filing, submitting the filing in the wrong format, having the wrong name on the saved filing, improper scanning, or not including the required attachments.

So, it’s probably not surprising that eFiling rejection rates hover between 10-15%, depending on the court. That equates to 1 – 1.5 out of 10 court eFilings being rejected! What can be done?

To minimize eFiling rejections, we created two solutions – Expert Review and Concierge Service.

What is Expert Review?

Expert Review is a $35 service add-on for eFiling orders that customers can select to enhance court acceptance and to provide extra peace of mind. With this service, a Document Specialist team member will intercept your eFiling before it’s sent to the court and verify the following:

1) Accuracy Check: Verify the case number, parties, signatures, dates, court location, case type and document type.

2) Electronic Assembly: Verify the font style, searchable text, pagination, file size, layout and scan readability.

3) Jurisdictional Requirements: Confirm the filing contains locally required information such as bookmarks and mandated forms

Rapid Legal delivers unrivaled process serving for law firms and legal departments
Rapid Legal delivers unrivaled process serving for law firms and legal departments

What is Concierge Service?

Just like a hotel concierge that is hired to book a restaurant reservation or purchase show tickets on behalf of their customers – our concierge service operates very similarly. If you don’t have the time or you want to ensure your service is done correctly, you can hire us to perform our Concierge Service for you.

…I reached out to them and used the concierge service where they have someone in their office look at the documents and say ‘this is ok, this you might want to change’, various issues like that. I forget what the fee was but we were more than happy to pay it rather than having things continually rejected…and they took care of it…it was wonderful…” – Rapid Legal Law Firm Customer

With Concierge Service, you simply upload your documents here and we handle your submission from start to finish:

1) File Assembly: Verify filings basics, physical or electronic assembly

2) Jurisdictional Requirements: Ensure filing contains locally required information such as bookmarks, and mandated forms

3) Service Execution: Complete the order entry in our portal for whatever service you select – electronic or physical filing, service of process, document retrieval, secretary of state filing plus more.

Best of all, our Concierge Service includes built-in Expert Review as part of the service for extra peace of mind.

So the next time you are concerned about court filing rejections, or what court requirements you need to meet (there are state and local county rules to keep in mind), or you’re simply running out of time – remember Rapid Legal has Expert Review and Concierge Service to help you! Let us put our expertise to work for you.

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EFSP eFiling order court workflow

Interesting, huh? We’ll talk more about Rapid Legal’s eFiling technology in future posts, but for now, let’s see what’s going in with eFiling in the Los Angeles County courts.


Los Angeles Superior Court

As it stands today, LASC only allows for permissive eFiling for Small Claims. Parties who want to eFile a Small Claims action can do it online through the Court’s website, except when:

  • The claim is against a government agency
  • The claim involves an attorney-client fee dispute
  • The claimant is requesting a waiver of Court fees and costs
  • The claimant is a minor, a legally incompetent person, or a person for whom a conservator has been appointed


So maybe you already knew this and you’re asking when eFiling is going to be instituted for other case types at Los Angeles Superior Court? We’ll here’s what we know…


In 2013, LASC appointed a new CEO, Sherri Carter, known for her achievements in technological innovation. Last year, the court hired the Chief Information Officer, Snorri Ogata, from Orange County Superior Court to serve as their CIO.  Our guess? LASC is making these types of moves because they’re getting serious about expanding electronic filing. As the largest court system in the nation, LASC’s eFiling expansion will be quite significant and will likely take at least 3-4 years, if not longer, to fully implement.


In our next post in this 3 part series, we’ll be discussing eFiling with San Francisco county courts.