Transforming the Legal Landscape

Court document eFiling has revolutionized the way justice is facilitated. After an attempted statewide program to launch eFiling in the early 2000’s didn’t succeed, the state left each county court to determine on its own whether to implement eFiling for its local jurisdiction.

With 58 counties in California, Orange County Superior Court led the way effectively implementing it in 2010. But the tipping point of the state’s court adoption of eFiling didn’t come until one of the biggest court systems in the nation, Los Angeles Superior Court, launched eFiling in 2017 with one case type, then significantly expanded it in late 2018 with more case types. Today, 36 superior courts have migrated to paperless filing for civil cases, with the remaining courts on the way.

Join us on a transformative journey of California’s legal landscape as we illustrate the court’s eFiling path to statewide adoption in the Golden State.

A Chronology of eFiling Adoption in California's Courts

Note: All information in this infographic is current as of July 11, 2023.