Five Ways for Legal Professionals to Boost Productivity: Tip #4

Now that we’ve covered our first three ways for legal professionals to boost their productivity, let’s discuss the fourth way as we continue this blog article series.

Curtail multitasking.

download ebookWhat?! You might be asking yourself. But I’m the master multitasker in the entire universe! Yes, I used to brandish that false badge of distinction until I learned I was but a mere mortal. In fact, when the vast majority of us multitask, our brain is simply switching from one task to another, not actually juggling both at the same time. The truth is many of us confuse multitasking with actual distraction.

According to studies conducted by cognitive psychologist and attention expert, David Strayer, 98% of the population lack the cognitive abilities to juggle simultaneously two demanding tasks without pauses or errors. Other studies have even observed a fall in participant’s IQs when multitasking.

So what can you do? Focus on one thing at a time until it’s fully completed before moving on to the next.

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