Seven Ideas For Father’s Day Gifts For Lawyers

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to get shopping for the favorite dad — or granddad — in your life. Fathers can be notoriously hard to shop for, though, and if you’ve got an attorney in your family that can make things even more difficult!

To that end, here’s a great list of some of the best ideas for Father’s Day gifts for lawyers. It’s never too soon to start shopping!

Personalized Items

Dads love getting personalized gifts, especially from beloved family members. Father’s Day gifts with your dad’s name or initials are always a great reminder of how much you think of them. From monogrammed pocket handkerchiefs to tie tacks with their initials, a gift with a personal touch shows you care.

Office Gifts

Lawyers spend a lot of time in their offices, and the lawyer dad in your life is no exception. A nice addition to their office, whether it’s a beautifully framed picture or a pen set that they can use whenever they’re signing legal documents, both makes their life easier as well as cheers up their office.

Sports Memorabilia

Most dads love sports — that’s not exclusive to lawyers. Whether it’s a couple of tickets to a basketball game, a signed rookie card for his favorite centerfielder, or a die-cast model of his favorite NASCAR stock car, showing your love by recognizing his love of sports is always a good idea.

Tech Toys

What dad doesn’t love a shiny new tech toy? Drones you can control from your iPhone, a new smart watch, even just a fancy new streaming device for the television in his den can be enough to keep him happy and entertained for hours!

A Night Out on the Town

Dads work hard, and dads who are lawyers work even harder. He deserves a night out, whether it’s with Mom, with friends, or with both, and that makes a gift card to his favorite restaurant a great option. Supercharge it with tickets to a movie or a show he’s been wanting to see for even better results!

A Good Book

Whether he’s an analog kinda guy or he reads on his tablet during his commute, dads love a good read. Can’t decide which book he’d like? Rely on an Amazon gift card and he’ll get whatever he likes, digital or not!

The DIY Gift

This one’s great for dads with younger kids or creative ones: a hand-crafted card, loaded with glitter and crayon, melts even the most stodgy of dad hearts. There’s no such thing as an ugly art project when it comes to your kids!